Support The Thrift Shop

Help us Bloom in the Spring

In 1973 a group of “Concerned Church Women” got together and planted an acorn in the basement of the Municipal Building.  Over the years this acorn grew into a strong and generous oak tree.  After being transplanted 3 times, it ended up at it’s current location – 950 Lancaster Street.  With the continued support of our community by donations, shoppers, volunteers in the shop and on the Board, we need to expand our space.  We have “seed” money of $50,000 to start our expansion which is projected to cost $170,000.  We are looking to you to help support us with this project.  This will allow us to continue supporting our community.

If you would like more information on our expansion project or on the Platteville Thrift Shop, please feel free to contact:  Andy Custer, Board President – 608-732-0807 or Cindy Martens, Treasurer – 608-732-4650.