Platteville Thrift Shop History

In 1973, five women heard from Colleen Barnett of Grant County Social Services about a need in this area.  The group of five shared that it would be great if the good clothes that they and their children had used could be given to others in the community.  Several churches met and formed the nonprofit organization called “Concerned Church Women of Platteville.”  The original five women plus two more became the charter board.  The mission statement is “To provide free and low cost clothing to those in need.”  The first home of the Thrift Shop was the basement of City Hall.  Next, it was located on Main Street.  In August of 2000, the shop was moved to its current location of 950 Lancaster Street.  When the shop opened its doors on April 27, 1973 it was operated by volunteers only.  Now the shop operates with paid employees and volunteers.